I would have liked to have had more contrast in the scenes we tested. The intention was always to try and eek out as much detail from the darkness to arrive at an interesting look. I feel this was achieved, and it is a look that could only come from two cameras (i have tried to match it with one video stream) and it has ‘hyper-real, high-res, extreme clarity’ HDR qualities.

So…was it worth it?

Well that depends upon your point of view. It is obviously a very expensive process. The 3D rig is expensive, you need twice the camera gear, it takes ages to setup, lens changes are hilarious, and you need alot of time in post. The camera set up is a beast and hard to work with; it is appropriate to think of the process as akin to 3D; it is hard to move the camera, so statics are good, and it makes sense to cut less like 3D. You can achieve a look, however than is unachievable in any other way, and for this reason, yes of course it is worth it!

I would like to do one more test in high contrast daylight, so watch this space.