The object of the second test was to A, create two perfectly synced and aligned video streams, and B experiment with HDR at night to see if enough detail could be eeked out of the shadows to obtain a pleasing image.

As mentioned before we used two Red cameras so they could be gen-locked and for the RAW files. One was a standard Red One and the other a MX Red, the MX set at various high ASA ratings to provide the shadow detail, and the standard camera left at it’s standard 320ASA and exposed for the highlights. We used a full size Element Technica 3D mirror rig. Once the rig was assembled and set up (a very long process) we had two perfectly aligned images. Rather than just point the cameras out of the window we decided to make something of it and put all the gear on the top deck of a Routmaster and drove around central London at night, shooting our subject lit and un-lit against the windows, looking into London’s city lights. Suffice to say getting the built mirror rig onto the top-deck of a bus was a giggle, but it all went remarkably smoothly. Results and conclusions to follow.

A huge thanks to Tony, Adam and Christian at Panavision UK for accommodating my ridiculous ideas; thanks to Alex Taylor for his faithful assistance, and to Simon Levene for bringing his directorial prowess to the project.