I have been testing film-stocks and lenses for a future feature project.

For lenses I compared the Hawk V-Plus Anamorphics with the Panavision C-Series Anamorphics. Both are 2 x squeeze lenses, projecting a full height, squeezed image onto an Academy ratio standard 35mm negative; and un-squeezing horizontally by a factor of 2 to produce a 2.35:1 ratio image.

For stocks I compared Kodak Vision 3 500T (5219) with Fuji Eterna 500T (8573) and Fuji Eterna 500T Vivid (8547), shot 4-perf anamorphic and 2-perf spherical. These are the latest 35mm stocks from Kodak and Fuji.










Reflected Exposure Values (500asa/24fps/180º)

Film Stock Comparison.

Thanks to Russel Kennedy for his expert assistance, and willingness to don that lovely necklace (to highlight chromatic aberrations…honest!)